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I'm Catherine, or Cat. I am a bohemian type of kid who loves a myriad of things that can't all be enumerated. I'm a thespian and former dancer so beware of Broadway overload at times. Studying environmental policy, french, and human rights issues to work in international law. Feel free to ask/tell me anything I welcome all!  kids beating to the tune of their own drum


Her life is everything to him.

We need to talk.


#omg #that hesitant smile #where he doesnt know what to do #or say #because no one has ever picked him #no one has ever loved him #and he is so scared of being happy finally #for once in his life #he doesn’t even know this feeling. #help me with my feels please

What’s a soulmate?


Twin Flames: is a mirror to your soul, one that carries the beloved frequencies.There is only one Twin Flame for you, whereas there are many types of soulmates. 

“You are a lot more like me, than you’re like him.”

If it had been you at the bridge last night… (for you K!)



I should be here with Stefan. I shouldn’t be here with him. I should be going through all this with Stefan.

  • Oh Elena, please excuse him for staying in town after you rejected him not for the first time only to help you through transition.
  • Please excuse him for respecting your decisions about everything except killing yourself.

  • Please excuse him for being the only one who was straight with you about vampirism and letting you sort out what you want to do about it.

  • Please excuse him for staying to watch you be all lovey-dovey with his brother only because he wanted to stay for you to help you through the hardest time of your life.

  • Please Elena excuse him for exposing himself to you by offering you his blood, because you didnt want human blood, thus being completely vulnerable to you with NO expectations except for you to be well and to get through this horrible stage of transition.

  • Please excuse him for being the only one you could count on for real help during the day where you were starving and gulping up blood all over town, for keeping your secret, trying everything he can to help you, for acting like your boyfriend even though he doesnt get to be that, just because he loves you and he’s concerned for you.

  • Please excuse him for saving you from draining the life out of your dear friend, saving you from an eternity of guilt and misery for killing him in an accident.

  • Please Elena excuse him for staying in town after resolving to leave, only because he knew you need him more than ever and because he knows that no one will be able to help you like he will.

  • Please excuse  him for trying to help you to the best of his fucking ability, teaching you how to drink blood without killing, ripping, hurting anyone.

  • Please ecxuse him and his love for you for being so damned disgusting to you that is so apparent in the way you said ‘him’ the way you did.

    And please excuse ME for having the right to actually CRITISIZE the fact that you hurt him unnecessarily by talking about him like he’s filthy dogshit and him hearing you say it. But dont worry Elena, he’s used to it by now. He’s heard you say such things countless times before, so yeah no worries… 

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They’re floating lanterns in the sky. Can you believe that? Japanese lanterns are a symbol of letting of the past. Well here’s a news flash, we’re not Japanese. I know what you’re going to say, ‘It makes them feel better, Damon.’ So what? For how, long a minute? A day? What difference does it make…